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We know you’re busy running your business and the last thing you want to deal with is the tedious task of bookkeeping, more particularly regarding the monitoring and documentation of Accounts Receivables (A/R).
This task may be time-consuming and complex at times, but it is definitely not something you can set aside. One of the best decisions you can make is to entrust the critical Accounts Receivable bookkeeping to qualified professionals at VeraBooks. Our job will revolve around ensuring all transactions and invoices get cleared and matched. We monitor your A/R accounts so you’ll be fully and promptly informed when payments are due and when they have been paid. We take care of:

  •  Keeping Records of Revenues or Payments Made for Accounts Receivables
  •  Billing Preparation
  •  Maintenance of Accounts Receivables Ledgers
  •  Conducting Billing or Payment Terms Adjustments (when necessary)
  •  Resolving Short Pays and Managing Receivable Deductions
  •  Preparing Periodic Accounts Receivable Reports

Furthermore, because we’ve been in the accounting profession for so long, we’ve managed to set up our workflow so that it seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise’s financial management system. This is the ultimate bookkeeping convenience your business should get! If you want to inquire about this service, please call us at 800-837-2193 or 800-Vera-193.

Trust Us with Your Bookkeeping and Accounting Needs

With VeraBooks, you can assure smooth, transparent business transactions and a clear record of your finances.